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Pandora Box 5 DIY Arcade Bundles Kits Parts With Illuminated Joystick & Button Power Supply Jamma Harness Coin Selector

Pandora box 5  DIY Arcade Bundles Kits include 960 game.
All the parts are in good quality.
It is very easy to install.
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Pandora's Box 4s+ DIY Arcade Bundles Kits            

Pandora Box 5  *1

Illuminated Joystick PN/BU EA*1

Amplifier *1

Audio Cable*1

Illuminated button PN/BU EA*7

Illuminated Player button  P1/P2 EA*1

Wire Set for Illuminated Button *1

Microswitch For Button *16

Spearker *2

Speaker net *2

Switch socket *1

Harness *1

Power Supply*1


Fans net  *2

Cam lock *2

Coin Selector*1


About the parts:

Joystick China made high quality illuminated Joystick. Bubble ball top is LED lit from the base of the joystick which also illuminates the shaft as well as the base and bubble top, with durability and supports high contact reliability for standard arcade machines and in the majority of Japanese made arcade cabinets.

with 45mm knob/bubble top

• high quality microswitch installed

• microswitch tested to 5,000,000 cycles

• microswitch with long mechanical lifetime to 10,000,000 cycles

• with thick terminal contact supports high contact reliability

• smooth spring return-to-center

• high abrasion resistance

• with mounting plate included

• just adjust the screw angle to 4ways or 8ways

• with 5 pins wiring connector

• knob/bubble top illuminated colors available in blue, yellow, green,red and white

• illuminate the shaft or bubble top available

• includes cable and connector 

• with 45mm knob/bubble top

(If not mentioned what color you need when you order,then we will send the color as the main picture to you,If you have speical request,please send message to let us know).


Illuminated  Button 

Small round Illuminated push button designs in beautiful color body with color top. With LED light, the button is eye-catching in many kinds of game machines.

It features in screw in design, durable plastic construction, high quality microswitch mounted into, withstand 10,000,000 operations at least. Blue, green, red, yellow and white colors are for customer's free choice.          

• round shape design

•color body with color top

•durable plastic construction

•12V LED light and holder included

•LED designs in drop in type

•3 terminals button actuator microswitch included

•microswitch reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles

•microswitch rating: 3A, 125/250VAC

•product size: 33 mm Diameter x 44 mm Height

•mounting hole diameter: 24mm

•LED colors: blue, green, red, yellow,white

•button colors: blue, green, red, yellow,white

(If not mentioned what color you need when you order,then we will send the color as the main picture to you,If you have speical request,please send message to let us know).


 Pandora' Box 5 

1. Compare to the Pandora's Box 4, Pandora's Box 5  was added  new games in it, so it's 960  in 1 multi game board;

2. There are CGA, VGA and HDMI output of the Pandora Box's 4S, support to CRT, LCD and HDMI screen;

3. There are two mode, which are "Coin Mode" and "Free Play Mode";

4. And for the "Free Play Mode", when you are playing the games, you can pause the game as you like, and continue the game when you are free;Or you can exit the game. And can collect the games you like, then these games will show in the first page;

5. There are CGA, VGA and DHMI output of the Pandora's Box 4s game board.
(1) If you want to use the CRT, please connect the jamma and disconnect the VGA;
(2) If you want to use LCD, please connect the VGA and jamma together;
(3) If you connect the jamma and VGA together, it default to use VGA; 
(4) Connect jamma and HDMI togeter is HDMI output.​

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